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If you have already started a Sound Design or Music composition project in a different software such as an NLE or DAW, Audio Design Desk can Import that project to continue creating in ADD.

*This is a new feature and currently only works with “Final Cut Pro XMLs”. If a Logic project is exported as an “.fcpxml”, ADD will be able to import it. We’re currently working to allow importing projects of all types and from all editing software.

There are a couple different ways to Import an existing project:

  1. You can import from inside ADD or you can import via the ADD Audio Bridge. For more information see, ADD Audio Bridge.
  2. To Import a project from inside ADD, go to the File Menu > Import > Then select the type of project you wish to import.


Timeline Import Window

Once you select a project type, the Timeline Import Window will open. Here you can select the project as well as adjust a few import options.



In the Options drop down menu you can specific project settings that should be imported with the video such as Duration, Frame Rate, and Start Timecode. You can also select to groups to regions that have similar types to save you time organizing your project.



In the Markers drop down menu you can choose how ADD is to handle any markers placed in the project. ADD can import them as Text/Comments, try to Guess Audio by matching keywords in markers to metadata on sounds, or you can select Don’t Import.


💡Guess Audio: When having ADD Guess Audio based on Markers during import, ADD will parse through any existing markers on your project. If ADD reads a marker that says something like “Transition here”, ADD will auto-populate your timeline with an audio transition aligned at the point of the marker in the project. This can be a very effective way for a video editor’s sound ideas to passed along to the sound editor or for the sound design process to be addressed during the editing process!


In the Audio drop down menu you can choose if ADD is to import any existing audio regions in your project or you can choose to not import and only import the video.


Timeline Import Options

All of these settings can be adjusted in “File > Import > Settings“.

Import-Settings Import-Settings-Window

All settings adjusted in the Timeline Import Options Menu will affect how ADD Imports projects via the ADD Audio Bridge. For more information see, ADD Audio Bridge.