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The Marker Menu is a small list of commands for placing and editing markers in the ADD timeline.


Add Marker:

Adds an empty Audio Marker at the point of the playhead. Double clicking this marker opens the Magic Marker to place a sound. Selecting the empty marker and pressing (CMD-R) to replace it will give you a random sound. Empty markers are useful for spotting moments where you want a sound but aren’t sure what yet.

Add Marker and Edit (Magic Marker):

Places an empty marker at the point of the playhead and opens the Magic Marker window. The Magic Marker window allows you to quickly sort through sounds to find a very specific sound for the moment already at the correct sync point. For more information see, Magic Marker.

Add Comment Marker:

Adds an empty comment marker at the point of the playhead. Double click the marker to type in a comment.

Edit Marker:

Opens the Magic Marker on any selected marker or region.


Locks the region preventing it from being moved on the timeline, deleted, time stretched, replaced, etc.

Remove Empty Markers:

Removes any empty markers place on the timeline.

Measure Tempo from Markers:

Adjusts the project’s Global Tempo to match the bpm of the selected markers on the timeline. This is useful if you’re trying to match music to a video with consistent cuts. place empty markers at the points of the cut and Measure Tempo. Now any music or sound design regions will match the bpm of the cut video.


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