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Your AI audio collection, inside of ADD.

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Upload music, separate stems, expand with AI

SoundGen is an AI-powered file management system designed with video editors in mind. Load it right there inside the Audio Design Desk DAW to access several exciting new features.
Take advantage of AI-powered stem separation, generative music expansion, video sync, and so much more!


Find the perfect music and sfx for your video, with generative AI-powered audio file management

Audio file management with a twist: Stem separation and generative AI music

Generic cloud storage apps don’t specialize in audio file management. They tend to have limited playback controls and don’t search through audio file metadata. SoundGen Drive makes it easier to find the right tracks when you need to, with vocal removal, stem isolators, and AI audio continuation.



Target individual audio files in your library and apply stem separation to gain access to the solo instrument tracks.



Pass a melodic audio file into SoundGen’s AI composer to hear new arrangements for that same melody.



Don’t know the words to describe the sound you want? Choose a few basic terms and SoundGen will handle the rest.



SoundGen loads inside of Audio Design Desk, so you can easily drag and drop any file onto the audio timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more?

What is SoundGen?

SoundGen is an AI-powered platform for musicians that revolutionizes how people create music. With just a text description, SoundGen can generate unique musical compositions that bring your ideas to life- allowing anybody to be a musician. Whether you’re an artist looking to quickly mock up song ideas, a Youtuber putting sounds and music to your video, a podcaster searching for intro music, or a game developer designing sound effects, SoundGen makes audio creation accessible to everyone.

How is SoundGen related to ADD?

SoundGen lives within ADD’s left navigation panel, allowing users to create, tag, and place their very own AI-generated music directly within ADD. Every ADD plan comes with hundreds of SoundGen coins, for users to create with.

Where can I learn more about SoundGen?

Visit our website:

How does Soundgen work?

Type a description of the music you’d like to generate or select from preset terms and tap the prompt magic feature to turn it into a rich text description. Musicians with existing melodies can upload their own audio files. SoundGen will use the text description to transform the uploaded audio into the preferred style. Short clips can be extended into longer tracks in the same style. Users can import videos and write descriptions of what they see in the video, and SoundGen will create music for them.

What is the SoundGen magic prompt feature?

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a detailed description of a music idea. To solve this, SoundGen provides a list of terms you can pick from. You can expand on them with your own thoughts or take your best stab at writing something from scratch. Once you have a sentence or two, use the magic prompt tool to generate a full paragraph describing the music you’re requesting in seconds flat.

How can I share or download my generated music? Is my work private or public?

Each song or sound effect you create in SoundGen comes with the option to share publicly. Click on the share icon, located to the right side of each track in your playlist. You’ll be taken to a screen where that track is publicly hosted. Copy the share URL or use the social media icons provided to get your ideas out into the world.

How long does it take to generate a song with SoundGen?

It can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes to generate a song depending on the duration and model size that you select. Generative audio applications require a lot of computational power.

What are my licensing rights to use the music?

SoundGen creations are covered under a creative commons attribution non commercial 4.0 International Public License (“Public License“).

What happens to unused credits at the end of a subscription cycle?

All of the remaining purchased credits will roll over to the next billing period. However, please be aware in order to retain paid credits, you will need to stay on the paid plan.

Can I cancel my paid subscription any time?

SoundGen subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or annual schedule. You can cancel any time and the subscription will remain active through the end of your current billing cycle. We will not charge you during the next renewal date comes.

What data was this model trained on?

SoundGen is running on AudioCraft by Meta. The model was trained consensually on Meta Music Initiative Sound CollectionShutterstock music collection and the Pond5 music collection.

Who can I contact for support?

You can log into your account and use the Feedback icon in the left navigation menu to request support. Alternatively, you can also email us at [email protected]. We’re here for you!

How do I write a text prompt that will work well?

Please see our prompt guide for detailed instructions on how to construct the best prompts.

Is every piece of generated audio unique?

Yes, every sound effect and song that comes out of SoundGen is a new and original composition.

How can I become a partner or affiliate?

We don’t currently have an automated affiliate program, but if you are interested in promoting SoundGen, contact us via the support tab within your account. Please include details about your audience and why you would be a good fit. Someone from our partnerships department will evaluate your proposal and respond within a few business days. If you’re interested in the Audio Design Desk affiliate program, sign up here!

How to get featured in SoundGen community page?

Tracks with the most upvotes will bubble to the top. You can use the share feature in SoundGen to share the track with friends on social media. When they click the like button, your track will climb the ranks and get more visibility. We also cycle tracks through over time so that new material is always showing up.