Winning Big at NAB 2022 - Audio Design Desk
NAB 2022 Awards

Winning Big at NAB 2022

Audio Design Desk Team
Thursday April 28, 2022

We just won Best of Show and Product of the Year at NAB 2022! Talk about an amazing experience! We aren’t just changing our industry forever. We’re hearing directly from the people being impacted most by our innovations, and it’s helping us get even better.

NAB 2022 Awards

In its 99th year, the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show saw some of the greatest innovations and leaps forward in all its years. Which just makes us all the more proud of our accomplishments there this week. This convention is where technology, creating and broadcasting converge, making it the quintessential summit for professionals in our industry. It’s where people go to see what’s next. Where things are heading in the world of ‘content’ and the many ways in which it will be created, distributed and consumed for years to come. If you want to get ahead, you go to NAB.

So yeah, we’re pretty thrilled to see people so excited about what we’re doing with Audio Design Desk and the tools we are developing around it. We saw some truly incredible new technologies, massive improvements and unexpected moves from the 900+ businesses in attendance. Of the more than 900 companies there alongside us, 160 of them were there for the first time to show off something new. This is an exciting time to be in our business, for so many reasons.

Here’s what we got up to at NAB 2022.

Introducing ADD Audio Bridge

Audio Design Desk’s native extension for Final Cut Pro, ADD Audio Bridge is a tight integration that enables editors to stay inside their creative flow, to produce better, higher quality work, in a fraction of the time. The extension syncs the Audio Design Desk and Final Cut Pro timelines. This allows for instant data exchange of audio, video, session and marker data, frame rate and time code from one program to another. ADD heavily utilizes Final Cut Pro’s ‘audio roles’ so when footsteps or foley are exchanged from ADD to FCP, Final Cut is able to identify the types of sounds and their connection points with video.

Editors can control many of Audio Design Desks functions from the extension itself such as real time triggers, selection and replacement of sounds, searching for sounds, creating in and out points and loops, scrubbing and framing through the timeline, and volume and pan of regions. There’s even a mini timeline display so editors can visually identify what’s in the Audio Design Desk timeline from the extension. Best of all, you can use Audio Design Desk to virtually connect any DAW to Final Cut Pro so Pro Tools and Logic Pro can now sync and control FCP’s timeline as well.

For a more in-depth look at this incredible new tool, check out this video!

Introducing DAW Bridge

DAW Bridge merges the most powerful audio tools with Final Cut Pro. So now editors can mix, master, compose, and deliver from virtually any DAW without leaving the Final Cut Pro timeline. By syncing the audio and video editing timelines, DAW Bridge makes it feel as if the applications are one and the same. Never again will editors have to jump from their video program to their audio programs.

Both of these tools represent a big leap forward for Final Cut Pro users. For the first time, there is an integrated solution for putting audio to video quickly. And we’re not done. We have more good stuff cooking up in the lab right now. Stay tuned for more soon!