Tron Legacy

Sound Masters: Tron Legacy

By Gabe Cowan
Today on National Video Game Day, we’re reminded that it’s been a decade since “Tron: Legacy” stoked our ears. While Joseph Kosinski’s sequel to the 1982 original was beat out by “Inception” for Best Sound Editing at the Oscars, nobody can overlook the incredible work of sound designers Gwendolyn Yates Whittle, Addison Teague, and Steve Boeddeker.
Their futuristic sound design is paired with a Daft Punk’s electrifying score, which the electronic duo began composing before the film’s production even began. But fans played a role, too; the crowd sounds (chants, stomps) for the movie were created in San Diego by Comic-Con attendees!
Audio Design Desk thanks these designers for their inspired approach to telling this story through sound.

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