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Tense Moments

Tense Moments

Audio Design Desk Team
Friday April 1, 2022

We are proud to introduce Tense Moments, a collection of full mix music cues that all share one characteristic – TENSION.

Tension is one of the most critical elements when producing films, television shows, video games, podcasts, theater productions, music and many other forms of engaging media. Tension draws the audience in and makes the moment even more immersive and gripping. Add just the right music to a scene and you can easily create the exact kind of tension you want to ratchet up. This is why we created Tense Moments. 

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll be adding to your sonic arsenal when you download Tense Moments.

As an Audio Design Desk user you now have dozens more full mix tracks to conjure up with a single keystroke. Tense Moments was designed to work across a wide range of moods, genres and intentions. It’s for Drama, Suspense, Thrillers, Horror, Mysteries, Documentaries, Action, Emotional… you get the idea. From subtle and intricate to upbeat and complex, there’s something for everyone in this pack.

Shuffling through papers on a desk, with a look of concern on a character’s face doesn’t translate into much for a viewer, in regards to engagement. Adding a pulsing tension cue, with deeply immersive sound design and memorable instrumentation, instantly dials up the intensity and sets a very specific mood. It can transform the scene into a riveting, unforgettable moment when a political conspiracy with global implications is uncovered. And the evidence to prove it is found! Or, perhaps you choose a music cue which creates a somber mood and sets the stage for the discovery of financial ruin and the loss of a family business. In both scenarios, the choice of music has tremendous implications. 

Tension can take many forms, and so can the dramatic moments we want our audiences to connect to. The Tense Moments collection gives you dozens of tracks to choose from, with this very thing in mind.

Here are some outtakes from behind-the-scenes as we listen through the entire collection for the first time together. Flora, Jonathan, Danny and Chris created all of music in the Tense Moments collection using only sounds currently available in the Audio Design Desk library.

And here is Jonathan walking you through his process for creating one of these full mix tracks in ADD.

Do you have requests for future Audio Design Desk sound packs? Let us know here!