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Swells Vol. 1

Swells Sound Pack

Audio Design Desk Team
Saturday February 12, 2022

Every moment in your project deserves unique sound. Introducing Swells Vol. 1.

Creating the feeling you’re looking for as a filmmaker can be challenging. Selecting the right sound to convey your intention can be like a highlighter identifying a single thought on a page of dense text. The Swells Pack will help you accent moments, stir emotions, warn your audience of imminent danger or simply assist in subtly transitioning from one scene to another. Each sound in the Swells Vol. 1 collection has been designed to be supportive and evocative, so your audience knows exactly when to cringe or take a breath.

These days, so many sound designers are turning everything up to eleven. They often use rising sonic elements that come to a crashing crescendo or massive cinematic impact. Yet, more often than not, the moment in your film actually wants subtle and supportive elements that create a mood without volume or intensity. All of us have that one spice bottle we pull out of the cupboard when making a signature dish in the kitchen that delivers what the meal needs to feel complete. Certain flavors commingle to create a magic that can never be arrived at any other way.

This is precisely what the right swell can do for your scenes. When you incorporate ephemeral textures, fleeting emotional triggers and quickly highlight specific moments, you are also introducing a complex spectrum of frequencies that will intermingle with the other sound design elements and music, which can result in an entirely new living soundscape. Sometimes you get exactly what’s expected and other times you can be surprised by the results. Either way, your scene has just become more immersive and impressive for your audience.

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