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Tron Legacy

Sound Masters: Tron Legacy at 10

Audio Design Desk Team
Saturday December 19, 2020

10 years ago today, we finally got the highly-anticipated sequel to cult hit film Tron.

Tron: Legacy was in production for almost 5 years, building detailed lore and an expansive video game environment. It released to critically mixed reviews, but it was praised by all for its sound, music, and set design. This comes as no surprise, as those are three essential elements of any video game—and Tron: Legacy is a video game come to life.
The sound team had a unique challenge of creating a sonic atmosphere that felt electronic but also organic enough for audiences to feel as though they’re inside the game with the characters. But with the help of Daft Punk’s music, which perfectly blended its iconic electronic style with more natural elements, the team was able to accomplish the feat—and was even nominated for an Academy Award.
With video game films still on the rise, we congratulate Tron for being a pioneer of the genre and delivering masterful sound along the way!