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Season of the Witch

Sound Masters: Season of the Witch

Audio Design Desk Team
Wednesday January 6, 2021

Today we celebrate a 20th film anniversary—and the second time Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman worked together—with a Sound Masters showcase of Season of the Witch! Finally released in 2011, the film was in production as far back as 2000. Although it was released to generally negative reviews, there’s still something to say about the movie’s sound design.


As is common in modern film, when a shot can’t strike the necessary tension by itself, it heavily relies on sound to accomplish the feeling. The sound team of Season of the Witch had a particular challenge of needing to fill each shot with sound without sounding overdone and out of place, a fine line that was generally managed well.
In today’s clip, the only visible actions onscreen are a man reading, a woman walking in a cage, and a fan blowing their hair. But with great sound, the audience can feel like something epic and magical is about to happen. Hopefully we’ll see Cage and Perlman reunite again in the near future!