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Home Alone

Sound Masters: Home Alone

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday November 16, 2020

There was a time John Hughes seemed to dominate the box office and popular culture with his iconic coming-of-age stories. Today, we’re celebrating one of Hughes’ most successful films, and the highest-grossing live-action comedy for over 20 years… Happy 30th anniversary to Home Alone!


Released to generally favorable reviews in 1990, Home Alone would stay in theaters well past Easter and become the third-highest grossing movie ever at the time. Thanks to the films’ abundant slapstick comedy, the sound team was able to create sounds that pushed the realistic limit and had an almost cartoonish feel. They used sound to bring to life countless classic gags, like characters slipping on ice and getting a “bonk” on the head. Of course, when doubled with yet another incredible score from the legendary John Williams, the sound in Home Alone is great across the board. We hope you get a kick out of this hilarious Christmas classic like we do.


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