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Brokeback Mountain

Sound Masters: Brokeback Mountain

Audio Design Desk Team
Wednesday December 9, 2020

Looks like we’re celebrating Ang Lee film anniversaries back-to-back, with today being the 15th birthday of Lee’s 2005 controversial and critical success, Brokeback Mountain! Commended for its direction and performances, Brokeback was considered to be a major advancement in queer cinema. As is the case with all progress, backlash quickly followed; conservative media wanted to censor the film. However, the movie held its ground and, in 2018, was even selected to be a part of the National Film Registry.

Like most great westerns, Brokeback Mountain is all about the cinematography—which meant the sound team had to put extra focus into the environments and foley. They used delicate, controlled, and hefty sounds to enhance the film’s stunning visuals (varying from sweeping landscapes to intimate moments) and capture the essence of this epic cowboy romance. So here’s to Ang Lee’s American-produced masterpiece and LGBTQ+ cinema everywhere!