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Thursday April 7, 2022

The universe of Sci-fi as a genre is expanding at the speed of imagination, so we keep making sounds! Introducing our latest update to Sci-Fi Digital, featuring 239 new sounds bringing the total file count up to a whopping 681! From alerts and alarms, to deep space scanners and everyday devices. This collection will continue to develop based upon your input!

In this update to Sci-fi Digital, we’ve added some robotic communication sounds as well as general device sounds for things like alarms, beeps, computers, data scrolls, scanners, radios and receivers. If you are on the hunt for even more sounds for Sci-fi projects you’re working on, check out these other packs inside of Audio Design Desk.

Audio Design Desk Sci-Fi Packs

  • Sci-Fi Spaceship: Spaceship engines, hyperdrives spaceship doors, airlocks, hydraulics and spaceships flying by.
  • Sci-Fi Voices: Computer and AI voice lines. Alien voice lines. Aliens speaking in an alien language.
  • Sci-Fi Weapons: A variety of futuristic weapons including laser blasts, laser beams, laser cannons, and railguns. Explosions, missile and torpedo launches, and turrets turning.
  • Future: Computers and Technology, Powering Up and Down, Sci-Fi Weaponry, Robot Footsteps, Spaceship Interiors.
  • Futuristic Interface: Take a quantum leap forward with this collection of futuristic user interface sounds.
  • Modern User Interface: A diverse collection of modern devices and interface sounds ranging from real world to sci-fi.
  • Robot Footsteps: Help your cyborgs, robots, and mechs find their footing with this curated collection of robotic footsteps. Large, medium and small sized robot steps walking at fast, normal and slow speed.
  • Robot Movements: Take your robots to the next level with this collection of mechanical and synthetic robotic limb movement and malfunctions sounds.
  • Robot Servos: A varied collection of simple mechanical and Sci-Fi robotic servo sounds, ideal for bringing non-lifeforms to life!
  • Mechanix: Bring your projects into the future with this collection of moving hybrid, mechanical, and synthetic mechanized parts.

The thing about Science Fiction is that the idea for the device, function, or theme precedes the sound. We can cook up cool sounds in the lab all day and night. But we want our Sci-fi sounds to fit your projects better than that. So this is your chance to tell us what kind of sounds you really want to see in future sci-fi packs! 


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