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Sam Music Cinematic Trailer Pack
by Audio Design Desk


This pack is a cinematic sound design and music cues collection produced by Sam Music. It features 12 music cue files across 4 themes and 115 sound design files across 18 different subtypes. This is a great starter kit for anyone beginning in the industry as well as a valuable addition for industry pros.

Sam Music is a multi-platinum recording artist, founder of Elephant Sound Design, and co-founder of Audio Design Desk. Sam has created sounds for Spider-Man, World War Z, Rogue One, among many others.

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Price: $99
127 .wav files
24 bit / 48kHz
Total size – 585MB

Complete breakdown of what is included:

Full mix

music cues: 12


Beds: 2
Drones: 5
Pads: 3


Boom: 5
Metallic: 5
Organic: 4
Stutter: 7
Swish: 5
Synthetic: 4


Endings: 5
Percussive: 12
Synthetic: 10


Glides: 6
Orchestral: 10
Stutter: 5
Synthetic: 4


Organic: 3
Synthetic: 2


Fly-bys: 3
Power Downs: 5
Suck Backs: 5
Whooshes: 5

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