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royalty-free medieval battle sounds

Royalty-Free Medieval Battle Sounds

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday March 6, 2023

We’ve just introduced a collection of royalty-free Medieval battle sounds! Featuring over 300 swords, daggers, crossbows, war hammers, whips, catapults, leather armor, chainmail, vocalizations, melee sounds and more. Our friends at Vadi Sound recorded these sounds, so you know the quality and authenticity meet our highs standards. Medieval Battle Kit is available now in the Audio Design Desk sound pack manager.

Here is a small sampling of the royalty-free Medieval battle sounds

We know that the world of weapons and battle cries is seemingly endless. So we want to know what kind of sounds you want to see added to the ADD library in the future. Please consider sending a quick message to us here. And be sure to join our Slack community to stay up-to-date and take part in ongoing conversations with us and users from around the world.

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