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royalty-free lo-fi beats

Royalty-Free Lo-Fi Beats Are Here

Audio Design Desk Team
Tuesday February 21, 2023

Introducing our new royalty-free Lo-Fi Beats series! This ongoing series will feature full mix music cues that span the full spectrum of Lo-Fi music. Volume 1 kicks things off with 15 laidback tracks with serious vibe. Expect to hear elements of Hip-Hop, Bass, Classical, House, Lounge, Easy Listening and more. It’s available right now in Audio Design Desk.

Hear a small sampling of our new royalty-free Lo-Fi beats

We’d love to hear what kind of Lo-Fi music you want to hear added to the ADD library! Send us a message here. It’s no surprise that the genre continues to explode in popularity. What other kind of music, besides hip-hop, could bring together so many eclectic genres? We look forward to hearing your opinion on this and other topics when you join our Slack community.

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