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ReDesign: John Wick 2

Audio Design Desk Team
Friday September 4, 2020
Few have had such a powerful impact on the action genre as Keanu Reeves in the early 2000s with The Matrix. But in 2014, Reeves was able to redefine the genre yet again with the first of his hit film series, John Wick. Spawning two sequels to date with another two on the way, the world can’t seem to get enough of this renegade hitman out for vengeance.
But of course, Reeves’ magnetic performance requires an equally captivating sonic accompaniment. The film seamlessly blends music cues and sound design, making either almost indiscernible. With heavy-hitting foley and amped-up car sounds, the sound keeps you on the edge of your seat on the rollercoaster ride through Wick’s story.
In the You Design scene for this week, John is about to meet face-to-face with the villain of John Wick 2. But the villain is well-prepared, and an intense standoff ensues. Notice how the drones and risers carry the listener into and out of the music. Also, appreciate how much foley has to go into each scene to deliver the hard-hitting action.

As Reeves gets more acrobatic through the Wick films, the sound has to keep up. That’s what makes each sequel more exciting than the last installment. Now download and play with artist Jared Otto’s sound pass to create your own!