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Hot Fuzz

ReDesign: Hot Fuzz

Audio Design Desk Team
Friday September 4, 2020
Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz wouldn’t be the action-packed film it is without the fast-paced cuts and sound design to match. With multiple over-the-top action scenes spoofing buddy-cop film cliches, it’s a great opportunity to show off all your hardest-hitting sounds!
Jared Otto—acclaimed artist and professional sound designer for film and video games—created a sound design pass from a short clip in which Sgt. Angel is about to confront the film’s villains in an intense final shoot-out. It has everything you need: a standoff, heavy breathing, risers, hits, frantic movement, and of course, guns.
A clip like this would normally take several hours, but with Audio Design Desk, it only took one hour to complete! And all sounds used come stock with a license of Audio Design Desk

Now it’s your turn.

We want to hear what you can do using Audio Design Desk. With thousands of free sounds, AI sync technology, smart replacement tools, and the ability to play our software like an instrument, editing’s a breeze!
Transform Jared’s Sound Design with a few clicks to feel the power of’s instant replacement tools. Highlight all and click the replace button to instantly generate entirely new sounds that maintain the correction position within the clip. Create wacky variants to contrast the action; such as replacing footsteps with rubber duck sounds. Or import your own sounds/libraries into Audio Design Desk to compare and contrast Jared’s pass with your own.
Download the project file, start replacing, and send your work to Or, post it on social media and tag us so we can hear your stuff. Now get designing!

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