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Hot Fuzz

ReDesign: Hot Fuzz

Audio Design Desk Team
Friday September 4, 2020
Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz wouldn’t be the action-packed film it is without the fast-paced cuts and sound design to match. With multiple over-the-top action scenes spoofing buddy-cop film cliches, it’s a great opportunity to show off all your hardest-hitting sounds!
Jared Otto—acclaimed artist and professional sound designer for film and video games—created a sound design pass from a short clip in which Sgt. Angel is about to confront the film’s villains in an intense final shoot-out. It has everything you need: a standoff, heavy breathing, risers, hits, frantic movement, and of course, guns.
A clip like this would normally take several hours, but with Audio Design Desk, it only took one hour to complete! And all sounds used come stock with a license of Audio Design Desk