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ReDesign: Attack the Block (10 Year Anniversary)

Audio Design Desk Team
Friday September 4, 2020

Today, we’re bringing this old ReDesign back out into the spotlight in celebration of the film’s anniversary. That’s right—Attack the Block is 10 years old!

A decade ago, Attack the Block released as the directorial debut of Joe Cornish (Antman), the acting debut of John Boyega (Star Wars sequel trilogy), AND the film score debut of Steven Price (Gravity). Considered part of the “Hoodie Horror” genre, it set out to distinguish itself by adding sci-fi elements and telling the story from the gang’s point of view. While the film didn’t perform well at the box-office, it received critical acclaim for its direction, acting, sound, and music. Plenty of action and anxiety-driven scenes all filmed on a minimal budget makes this a perfect showcase for Audio Design Desk.

Our artist Jared Otto gives a pass at one of Attack the Block’s most intense scenes, in which the gang attempts to out-run a pack of alien beasts to the safety of their apartment. This scene combines the sound of urban streets and alien sci-fi while using risers and hits to build tension. To explore Jared’s process in detail, check out his commentary video below.

Now it’s your turn! Download and listen to Jared’s pass, then create one of your own. You can simply select sound design and click the replace button, or search the software for sounds of your choosing—or even add your personal sounds/libraries. No matter how you choose to create, we want to hear what you made! Please send your pass to us at


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