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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

ReDesign: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Audio Design Desk Team
Thursday November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate, we took a sound pass at one of our favorite Thanksgiving specials, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. By the time of the tenth TV special and 3rd holiday special of the franchise, Charlie Brown was already a familiar guest at everyone’s table. Today, we look at the opening scene and what it says about current American culture surrounding the holiday. Lucy reminds us that all traditions are ever-evolving and some just fade away—but football is still here and seems to be a Thanksgiving tradition that will stick around for a while longer. So if you end up on your back like Charlie Brown today, hopefully it’s from all the delicious food… and not from a football prank like Lucy’s!

And now it’s your turn. Download our sound pass, tweak here and there, and easily make it into something new.

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