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Pulse Vol. 2

Audio Design Desk Team
Saturday March 12, 2022

We are thrilled to introduce our newest installment in the Pulse series, Pulse Vol. 2. This volume’s theme is orchestral pulses, and we think you’re going to love what we’ve cooked up! 

In this pack you’ll find a very wide spectrum of cinematic pulses, featuring many traditional characters like strings, horns, woodwinds, mallet and percussion instruments. We’ve also slipped in some sounds that you would probably never expect – like anvils and chain link fences. The only way to find out what else made its way into the orchestral pit is to start playing with the sounds themselves.

We wanted to deliver something that was unique and could stand apart from sounds already in your personal sample collections and commonly available elsewhere. So there are also different styles of orchestral pulses featured. From traditional beds and pitched elements to full mix themes and remixed even remixed versions. So regardless of what kind of projects you work on, we’ve got sounds to help you stand out, too!

Here is some behind-the-scenes footage from our QC party (it’s what we call our quality control team meetings) for Pulse Vol. 2.

We hope you enjoy these orchestral pulses as much as we enjoyed making them! Feel free to share what you made with us on socials, join our public Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social destinations to get engage