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Meteor UVI interface

Plug-in Review: Meteor FX by UVI

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday February 28, 2022

Meteor FX Interface

UVI Workstation and Meteor FX

UVI Workstation is a very popular tool for music creators, sound designers, and audio artists. The variety of resources UVI provides is nearly limitless and there is so much to discover as you grow with their tools. As a sound designer, I want to find and use the right tools to make my job as unique and simple as possible. Which is why I think I struck gold when I discovered UVI’s Meteor FX.

This powerful tool has changed the way I approach sound design and custom sound creations. It makes my job simpler while giving me the ability to remain creative. UVI Meteor FX is designed to generate cinematic impacts, hits and risers with its 7-layer sample engine. It includes a large sample source of field recordings and synthesized sounds. This is enough samples  to blend and mix all varieties of sounds. With its simple UI design, Meteor FX makes it easy to dive into the product and start creating cinematic sound design.

Meteor FX

Meteor FX Components

At the center of it all, Meteor FX’s components are broken down into two segments, rise and impact. It’s self-explanatory in regards that the “rise” portion controls the crescendo and build up of the sound. The “impact” represents the hit point of the sound. With its 7-layer feature, you can easily drag and drop all different kinds of recorded samples to truly make the sound unique Sounds ranging from field recordings, orchestral elements, to synthesized processed sounds. This only scratches the surface on the possibilities that can be done while using this phenomenal plug-in.

More Features

There are several features that make this plug-in a one of a kind. The first that comes to mind is the length adjuster. Meteor executes well when it comes to stretching a sample to fit the time duration you are trying to achieve. By increasing the length by beats or seconds, the stretch algorithm smoothly adjusts without damaging the sound itself. This also makes a great tool for music producers who love to create uplifters and transitions based on the bpm of your session.

Another great and convenient feature Meteor provides is their edit, mod, and fx windows. These provide access to a great range of editing tools to fine tune sound with familiar modulations such as LFO’s and filters. Once edits are finished, why not add some fx such as reverb and delay? This is a one stop shop for your sound design needs. For a final touch, add a little bit of Thrust to the mix. Though it operates much like a saturator, the thrust knob gives sound that extra bit of intensity! You can dial in what separates your average sound into a cinematic sound. You almost can’t go wrong with all the tools you are given in this single plug-in.


Why use Meteor FX?

UVI pushed the boundaries by providing a tool that is simple to use, but is effective for adding complexity and interest to sounds. It’s easy to learn how to use Meteor FX, allowing more time and mental bandwidth to focus on sound design. Within its 6.5GB of content, Meteor FX features nearly 3,900 samples and 699 presets to help inspire you to create the next big hit (pun intended)! As a sound designer, my job is to create unique and original sound elements similar to ones you hear in your favorite movies, trailers and video games. My goal is to always think outside the box and explore options others might not even consider. That is why Meteor FX is one of my go-to tools when it comes to complex sound design.


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