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Piano Vol. 1

Piano Vol. 1

Audio Design Desk Team
Tuesday February 22, 2022

The piano is capable of taking us places and conjuring emotions with the touch of a finger. It borders on magic, the kind of emotional range and emotive charm an expert can tease from those ivory keys. So we decided to put an entire team of brilliant composers from around the world on this project. We wanted to develop compelling themes across a variety of genres and moods for Audio Design Desk users. What was created is something that will help bring projects to life for many, many years to come. We are proud to present Piano Vol. 1.

Your scenes are worthy of music that supports and amplifies your intentions. From subtle and tender to bold and harrowing, these tracks are focused and will not distract from the moment.

Our new collection of piano cues are designed to stand on their own, and play well with others. This means you can create a minimal score without any other elements needed. And you can create more complex and immersive arrangements with a few keystrokes. Add a drone, a subtle pulse and some ambience for a riveting combination. Some strings and a pad might make for an emotional, tear-inducing combination. 

Something emotional from the Piano Vol. 1 collection:

Something suspenseful from the Piano Vol. 1 collection:

With some help from the Replace feature in Audio Design Desk, you can quickly find new outcomes you would never discover through intentional searching. With our amazing stretch algorithms, BPM and key matching features, you can freely combine sounds from any other sound pack in the ecosystem for truly unique results. 

Here’s that emotional piano piece with a simple supportive bed and some ambience:

Here’s that suspenseful piano piece with a dark bed and some haunting textures:

There’s really no end to what can be done with these, or any sounds, in Audio Design Desk. We would love to hear what you do with these incredible piano cues. Feel free to share with us via socials or our contact page! And be sure to check out our Soundcloud to hear more of our sounds and music.