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Royalty-Free Sci-Fi Sound Effects

New Royalty-Free Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday November 21, 2022

Introducing our newest royalty-free sci-fi sound effects collection, Sci-Fi Space. Produced by our friends at Vadi Sound, it features over 400 sound effects, vocalizations and ambiences. Expect to find lots of cool digital alerts, iconic devices, robotics galore, lasers blasting, spaceships and UFOs flying by, new energy sources humming, strange sounds and more. 

Hear some of the new royalty-free sci-fi sound effects in action!

You can find more packs produced by Vadi Sound in the Audio Design Desk library right now! Here are links to a bunch of other recent releases from them. Check out SpookyCameraHousehold Vol 1, Household Vol 2SurroundingsSorceryOn the RoadTransitExterior Vol 1 & 2Nature Vol 1 & 2, Natural World, and Activity. You can expect a lot more from our partners at Vadi in the near future, too.

We want to know what kind of sounds and music you want added to the ADD library. Send us a message here. Or join our Slack community and tell us there. We’re also on all the socials. However you choose to reach out, we look forward to hearing from you.