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royalty free cinematic music

New Royalty Free Cinematic Music

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday October 31, 2022

We’ve just released even more new royalty-free cinematic music for the Audio Design Desk library. Fright features 26 full mix music cues in the horror genre, and they will send shivers up your spine. From minimal atmospheric arrangements that make you lean in, perhaps a bit too close. To heart-pounding chase scene music that will leave you breathless. We’ve packed a lot of chilling, evocative moments into this one for you to explore.

The 2022 Halloween season comes to a wrap with Fright, and it has been a very busy month with all our other recent scary releases. Be sure to also check out Haunted Vol 2, Zombie Lunchbox, Creatures Vol 1, Modern Horror and Spooky.

Listen to a short sampling of our newest cinematic royalty-free music.

As we move away from the dark and scary stuff, we want to know what you want to hear most in the months ahead. Our production team is always hard at work, making something new. So send us a quick message here. Or reach out through our Slack community, or any of our other socials!