Organic percussion loops

New Organic Percussion Loops

By Gabe Cowan

We have just released a bunch of great organic percussion loops in our newest sound pack, Rhythmic Vol 2! Rhythmic Vol 1 has been a very popular collection amongst Audio Design Desk users. And we expect this latest entry in the series to be a smash hit as well. From exhilarating action to time-defying suspense sequences. From exotic adventure sequences to minimal ticks. There’s a ton of variety in this one!

Hear a small sampling of these organic percussion loops.

You can easily transform scenes by simply dropping one of these loops into your project. Or you can go a step further and develop new rhythmic elements and abstract soundscapes by layering and time stretching rhythms together. After all, the transformative nature of sound when put to picture is profound and absolutely affects the perception of the audience.


Check out this example of layering rhythmic elements from our CEO, Gabe!

We plan on developing this series in a lot of directions in the coming years. What kind of rhythmic elements do you want to see added to the ADD library? Let us know in a message. And Join our public Slack community to take part in the ongoing conversations around sound, music, and of course, Audio Design Desk.