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Orchestral Swells

New Orchestral Swells Introduced

Audio Design Desk Team
Thursday June 30, 2022

Swells Vol. 1 has been an incredible addition to the Audio Design Desk library and we are confident that the orchestral swells featured in Swells Vol. 2 will add even more organic depth, emotion and impact to your projects. It can be hard to find just the right samples of orchestral stuff for video. So many virtual instruments seem either too unrealistic, too expensive or have daunting learning curves. So, many people feel that quality orchestral stuff that truly fits their projects is out-of-reach. We think you’ll love this pack!

Here are Some of Our Orchestral Swells in Action!

Often times less is more, and smaller more intentional sounds are more easily managed and used to greater effect in our industry. Adding just the right accent, with just the right emotional perspective and intonation is essential to bringing a scene to life in exactly the right way. This is precisely what we kept in mind while creating these orchestral swells for your projects. It provides access to hundreds of tastefully produced solo and duet string, woodwind, brass, percussion swells, as well as mixed ensembles for more full and robust swells.

With over 500 orchestral swells in total, Swells Vol. 2 delivers a lot of emotional impact and a great deal of variety. So regardless of what genres or formats you produce, this collection is one that you can turn to again and again. You’ll enjoy lots of simple variations in each key, modality and BPM (where applicable), and you should be able to quickly find the right fit every time. Our amazing stretch algorithms in ADD will help you dial in just the right pitch and tempo, if it doesn’t already match your project perfectly.

We know that we can’t have all of the sounds for everyone, but we’d sure like to try. Let us know what YOU would like to see us release for the Audio Design Desk library by sending us a message here.