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Exterior Ambience

New Exterior Ambience Sound Packs

Audio Design Desk Team
Friday May 27, 2022

Two new exterior ambience sound packs from Vadi Sound arrive in the Audio Design Desk store today! Introducing Exterior Vol. 1 and Exterior Vol. 2, featuring a wide range of outdoor locations in a modern society.

These sound packs are essential additions for anyone creating soundscapes for day-to-day scenes in and around town. From ocean beaches and harbors to bustling cities and construction, there are 350+ professionally recorded moments ready to be used freely in your projects.

Our New Exterior Ambience Sound Packs

Exterior Vol. 1

This collection includes 114 field recordings from various cities, construction sites and seaside harbors.

Exterior Vol. 2

This collection includes 139 field recordings from beaches, marketplaces, public parks, religious buildings, residential buildings and schools.

You can find both of these exterior ambience sound packs in the Audio Design Desk sound pack manager now. If you have requests for future sound packs, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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