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Creature Sound Effects

New Creature Sound Effects

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday October 24, 2022

We’ve just added over 340 blood curdling creature sound effects to shock your audience with! Creatures Vol 1 features a variety of different monster types. Expect to find sounds for a demon, dragon, troll, ogre, mummy, zombie, swamp monster, goblin, gargoyle, huge beat, freaky mutant and more.

Listen to a small sample of our new creature sound effects.

Hisses, moans, shrieks, growls and roars abound in this collection. There are also incredibly unsettling chitters, rattles and other spine-tinging horrors to explore. Want even more spooky ands and music for your projects? Check out our other recent releases over the last month as we get closer to Halloween! We’ve just added Zombie Lunchbox, Haunted Vol 2, Modern Horror, and Spooky. Discover more horror themed packs in the ADD Sound Pack Manager.

There are so many more monsters left to imagine. What kind of creature sounds are you hoping we add next? Send us a message here. Or join our public Slack community and let us know there!