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More New Foley Sounds Added

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday December 26, 2022

We’ve just added over 500 more new Foley sounds to the Audio Design Desk library! Foley Vol 2 features a wide selection of everyday sounds including clothing and other wearable items, jewelry, keys, chains, zippers, scissors, Velcro, umbrellas, soldier gear, camping gear, tents, bags, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs, musical instruments and gear, kitchen containers and jars, tools, and boxes made of cardboard, metal, and wood. These sounds were recorded by our friends at Vadi Sound.

Check out a small sample of these foley sounds

Although we’ve added over a thousand new foley recordings recently, we know that there are countless more we need. We want to know what sounds you want and need most for the types of projects you tend to work on. You can send us a direct message any time here. And you can join our Slack community to ask us questions, suggest features, request sounds, etc. We hope to see you there!