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More Cinematic Drones Released!

Audio Desing Desk
By Gabe Cowan

It’s a busy week with cinematic drones for us here at Audio Design Desk. We’ve just introduced Synthetic Drones, a premium collection of deep and immersive sound design beds. It features a wide range of intensities, complexities, timbres and moods. From scary and dark, to hopeful and inspiring. From subtle and enigmatic, to piercing and alarming. We’ve included something for everyone in this pack, and tried to focus on the intention of scenes to conjure specific emotions easily. Just add any of these drones to impart instant mood, aesthetic and depth.

Hear a sampling of the new cinematic drones

If you like this pack and want to explore even more great cinematic beds and immersive sound design, check out more titles from our amazing team. Drones Vol 1 features hundreds of beds across a variety of moods and genres. And grab Textures Vol 1 if you want to add instant aesthetic to your soundscapes, they’re highly transformative!

Let sub know what kind of sounds you want added to the ADD library in a message here. And join our Slack community to become a part of ongoing conversations with users around the world.