Drones Vol. 1

Drones Vol. 1

By Gabe Cowan

Setting the tone and mood of a scene is instantaneous with the new Drones Vol. 1 collection. Featuring hundreds of deep, immersive sound beds across a variety of genres, tonics, and modalities. From dark and haunting to beautiful and enchanting, these beds will find a home in your projects for many years to come.

Drones Vol. 1 in Action

In this first installment, Drones Vol. 1 explores a wide range of popular themes, sounds, and processing techniques to deliver a truly must-have addition for your sonic arsenal. Get lost in the clouds with beautiful and lush atmospheric sounds. Dare to venture deeper into the dark unknown of our spine-tingling bass beds. Experience the tension and anxiety of piercing resonance and waves of twisting feedback in our high-frequency elements.

Weighing in at over 6GB, Drones Vol.1 features 278 high-quality sounds. It’s available exclusively for Audio Design Desk users and can be downloaded today. We hope you enjoy using these sounds.

Interested in hearing more about our sounds and music? Check out our Soundcloud! You can tell us what kind of sounds you want to see added to the Audio Design Desk library.