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The View Menu reveals which windows are shown or hidden.


Enter Full Screen:

Toggle the main ADD window to go full screen across your desktop


Library (⌘1):

Shows/Hides the Library. 


Video (⌘2):

Shows/Hides the Video Window.


Region Editor (⌘3):

Shows/Hides the Region Editor.


Triggers/Metadata (⌘4):

Shows/Hides the Triggers | Metadata Window.


Stacks Editor (⌘5):

Shows/Hides the Stacks Window.


Docked Library:

Undocks/Docks the Library Window from the main ADD Window


Docked Video:

Undocks/Docks the Video Window from the main ADD Window


Project Info:

Shows a text document with all information regarding your current project

**This is very useful for support tickets! You may be asked to save this as a text document if you are experiencing a glitch or bug**

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