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Cue Sheets are important for documenting and editing during the audio post-production process. Audio Design Desk makes it easy create and export your project’s Cue Sheet eliminating the need to manually write one ever again!


By default, ADD will compile a Cue Sheet for the entire project. But if you’d like the Cue Sheet to pertain to a specific portion of the project you can set In/Out Points by pressing ( i/o ) to mark the section of the project the Cue Sheet should be created from. Now:

  1. Go to “File > Export > Cue Sheet” or press ⌥⌘E (option+command+E).
  2. A window will open displaying a preview of the Cue Sheet.
  3. Go to the “Format” dropdown to select either CSV or XML
  4. Click “Export”.
  5. Select a location and name the file.
  6. Click “Save