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Video Window

Audio Design Desk comes with 5 resizable and 2 detachable windows to adapt to your workspace.

The Video Window (Red) can be: 

  • Viewed in fullscreen by clicking “Video > Fullscreen” or pressing (⌘F).
  • Closed or Opened by pressing (⌘2).
  • Detached by selecting “Video > Detach Video” or pressing (⌥⌘2).

The detached video window can be closed by re-pressing (⌥⌘2) or by pressing (⌘W) which will close any selected window.

Transport Bar: 

The Transport contains transport controls, timecode, master FX and volume.

Playback button (Spacebar): Plays and stops the video.

Playback at ⅓ or ½ Speed, press ( L )

Play in reverse at Half-Speed, press ( J )

Step back / Step forward button (← / →): Moves video forward or backwards one frame at the time.

Rewind (J-J), Fast Forward (L-L-L): Rewind and fast forward speed will increase by pressing this button multiple times.

Previous / Next Marker button (⌥← / ⎇→): Moves your cursor to the next or previous marker.

Go to beginning / Go to end button (⌘← / ⌘→): Moves cursor to the beginning or end of the video. •Return also takes your cursor to the beginning. 

Loop button (⌘L): Loops a selection or the entire timeline.

The start of a looped section can be placed with ( i )

The end of a looped section can be placed with ( o )

Master Gain: Displays the project levels. Can be adjusted by dragging the fader. FX can be added by clicking the “FX” button.

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