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The Video Menu reveals items related to Video within the session.


Open Video… (⇧-⌘O): Imports any video file from the computer or attached drive. ADD pulls the video from its location, but does not copy it so you may want to save the video in your session folder or in the video cache in your user folder. 


Open Remote Video… (⌥⌘O): Opens a video from a URL pulled from YouTube or Vimeo.


Close Video (⇧-⌘W): Removes the current video from your session.


Copy Video URL (⌥⌘C): Copies video source URL.


Copy Video Audio to Timeline (⌥⇧-⌘C): Creates a copy of the video audio on a separate track within the timeline.


Fullscreen (⌘F): Preview the video in fullscreen.

Detach Video (⌥⌘2): Detaches the video window from the main project window.

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