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Triggers / Metadata Window

Audio Design Desk comes with 5 resizable and 2 detachable windows to adapt to your workspace.

The Metadata / Triggers Window (Purple) can be found in the bottom left of ADD and opened/closed by pressing (⌘4).


You can switch between interacting with triggers and metadata on the selected sound by using the tabs at the top of the window.



The Triggers Tab is where you can create custom triggers, see which triggers have sounds assigned to them, what sounds are assigned to the trigger, make changes to the triggers, save/load triggers, and open the Trigger Pad.

Colored triggers are triggers with sounds assigned to them. The color of the trigger will match the color of the sounds. Grey triggers do not have any sounds assigned to them. The selected trigger is outlined with a White Box and shows which sounds are assigned in the pool below.


You can assign sounds to triggers by (Right-Clicking) the sound, selecting “Assign to trigger”, and picking a trigger. Or you can drag the sound(s) onto the number trigger you prefer. For more information on creating and using triggers see Using Triggers.


Individual sounds can be deleted from a trigger by selecting it and pressing (Delete). Or you can press (CMD-A) to select all sounds and delete all.


The Triggers Tab is also where you can open the Trigger Pad.

Go to Trigger Pad for more information.



The Metadata Tab is where you can find all metadata information on a specific audio file (intensity, complexity, sample rate, keywords, etc.) and edit the file’s metadata.

You can find where the audio file is located by clicking on the path up/down arrows to the right of the file name.


Clicking the “Edit” button will open the Metadata Window.

For more information on how to edit metadata see The Import Window.


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