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Triggers / Metadata Window

The Metadata / Triggers window can be closed and reopened by pressing (⌘4).



The Triggers Tabs shows which triggers have sounds assigned to them, what sounds are assigned to the trigger, and you can make changes to the assigned sounds.


Grey triggers do not have any sounds assigned to them. Green triggers have sounds assigned to them. When a trigger is selected, it is highlighted Orange and shows which sounds are assigned in the pool below. You can click on any trigger in the Trigger Bar to see what, if any, sounds are assigned to the trigger.


To assign sounds, (Right-Click) on a selected sound, hover over “Assign Trigger”, then select the trigger you would like it to be assigned to. 


Alternatively, you can drag sounds into the window under a selected trigger. Whatever sounds are in the list beneath the selected trigger will be called upon when that trigger is pressed. 


There are 2 additional ways to assign sounds to a trigger in the Trigger Tab: Pull From and Load From. 


  • Pull From: In this pulldown, you can pull from other playlists or append your current trigger sounds with selected sounds.


  • Load From: In this pulldown, you can select category, sub category, type, and subtype to assign to a trigger. 


You can save your trigger assignments as a preset in the “Presets” drop-down. 


You can clear a single trigger by selecting it and clicking “Reset”. You can clear all triggers by holding (Option) and clicking “Reset”. 


All the information for a specific audio file (intensity, complexity, sample rate, keywords, etc.) are displayed in this window.


Find where the audio file is originally located by clicking on the path up and down arrows.


Open the Metadata Editor by clicking on the edit button.


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