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Triggers Pad

If you’re a musician who is more familiar with using Drum Machines to trigger sounds or a beginner with ADD, the Triggers Pad is a useful tool for triggering sounds with a single click of the mouse while learning the trigger hotkeys.



You can open the Triggers Pad by clicking its icon under the trigger numbers in the Triggers / Metadata Window

It will initially open up next to the Triggers / Metadata window but in its previously closed location from there on out.

The Triggers Pad overlays on top of all apps so you can easily access it but can sometimes get in the way. To close the Triggers Pad, simply click the “x” icon in the top left of the window.


Triggers Pad Tabs:

The Triggers Pad has three different tabs to use for triggering sounds:

  • Custom Triggers
  • Sound Design
  • Music


This is the Custom Triggers (left) tab.


This the Sound Design (middle) tab.


This is the Music (right) tab.


Triggering Sounds:

Using the pad is very simple. Select the correct tab for the sound you wish to trigger. Then click the sound’s corresponding trigger. The sound will be placed at the point of the playhead in your timeline while paused or even during real-time playback!

Each trigger contains the type of the sound being triggered and the hotkey that can be used to trigger that type of sound in the future.


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