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The Browse Tab

The fourth tab in the ADD Library Window is the Browse Tab. The Browse Tab allows you to browse through stock audio, video, and images on your favorite stock media sites such as Epidemic, Envato, Artlist, Free Sounds, etc. If you’re already subscribed to these stock media providers you can download their content directly into ADD for you to immediately use in your projects. This makes ADD the central hub for all stock media, not just sound, when working on your video projects!

When opening the Browse Tab you will land on the “Home” page. This is indicated by the white outline around the “Home” icon. If you leave the Home page you can return by clicking the Home icon.


Add Stock Service:

When first opening the Browse Tab your Stock Media Services list will be blank. You will need to add any Stock Media Services you wish to have. To add a Stock Media Service, click the “Plus” icon at the button left of the Browse Tab.

A list of the top Stock Media Services will appear.


To turn on all Stock Media Services, click the slider at the top of the list and to the right of Stock Media Services.


To turn on a specific Stock Media Service, click the slider to the right of that service.


If the Stock Media Service you wish to add isn’t show on the list, you can add the service manually. Click the drop down arrow next to “Add new…” at the bottom of the list.


Now type in the name of the Stock Media Service and paste in the URL


Click “Add Service” and your service will be added to the list of Stock Media Services and activated.

You can deactivate the custom service by clicking the slider on the right side or you can delete the service by clicking the “trashcan” icon.


Your list of activated Stock Media Services will be shown down the left side of the Browse Tab under the Home icon. By default they are listed in alphabetical order but you can manually rearrange them by dragging their icons.



Download Stock Media:

To download sounds from your activated Stock Media Services, click the icon with the related logo to the Stock Media Service you wish to use. Then login to your account.


Locate a sound you want proceed to download. Some services may charge for specific sounds. All services handle downloads differently and show them in different locations.


The download will start and you will see a progress bar.


Once the download is finished you will be asked if you would like ADD to add additional metadata to the stock media.


**This is not mandatory but we highly recommend allowing ADD to guess additional metadata to make sure the stock media file works perfectly within the ADD system.**


Once you have made your selection the file will appear in the Home page of the Browse Tab. As well as there’s a folder structure you can navigate to find all sounds downloaded from your different Stock Media Services.


Additionally you can find all of your downloaded stock media in the Stock Media folder of the Library Tab in the Library Window.


Insert Media:

By default, any stock media sound that is downloaded will automatically be placed on the timeline at the point of the playhead.


You can also drag a sound from the sound from the Home page to the timeline.


You can drag any downloaded sound from ADD to another app such as Premiere, Pro Tools, etc. For more information see Spot Mode.


If you download video or images from Stock Media Services into ADD, you can drag those into your favorite NLEs.


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