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Magic Marker

The Magic Marker opens when you double click a marker in the timeline or press (⌥↑). In this window, you can see which information Audio Design Desk is using to determine the pool of sounds it is choosing from. In this window, you can make larger or smaller pools of sounds or select a single sound to place. Category, Sub Category, Type, Subtype, Playlist, Genre, Album, Intensity, Complexity, Genre, as well as Keyword Search give you incredible control in the types of sounds they’d like Audio Design Desk to find. 


When the Magic Marker is powered on, it acts as a randomization override. So whatever information you have in your Replace Window, the information applied to a Magic Marker will take priority. 


One way of placing sounds using the Magic Marker is by clicking (⌥G), which places a blank sound effects marker that opens immediately. This makes the process of searching for sounds much faster as you are searching for the sound on the frame where you want the sound to be. 


To add a Magic Marker:

  • Press ( G ) when the timeline scrubber is on your desired frame. An upward facing Sound Effects Marker will be placed on the top part of the timeline ruler.


  • Press (⌥ ↑) while the Marker is selected, or (Double Click) on the marker and the Magic Marker Window will open.
  • Click on the “Power Button” to activate or just start typing and the Magic Marker will automatically power on. 
  • Type keywords in the search browser (separate with commas) and select “OR / AND” from the drop-down menu.
  • As you type in keywords, you will see a pool of results based on your search.
  • To preview a sound, click on a file and press (Spacebar).
  • (Double Click) or press (Return) on a selected file to send it to the timeline. 


After typing keyword(s) in the search browser, the resulting pool of sounds will automatically be displayed. DO NOT press “Return” from your keyboard to start your search, that command will close the Magic Marker window.


You can copy all Magic Marker data and apply it to other sounds by copying the region, clicking on regions you’d like to apply the Magic Marker data to and pressing (V) to “paste attributes”. To find out more about paste attributes, please reference Chapter 4.3, “Edit”

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