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Magic Marker

When previewing your video you find a spot that you would like to place a specific sound, instead of going through the Search Tab to place and then manually sync the sound, you can use the Magic Marker to place a sound automatically in sync!


Create Magic Marker:

You can place a new Magic Marker by pressing (⌥G). This places a blank sound effects marker ( G ) and opens the Magic Marker window immediately. 

Start typing in the Search bar to find a pool of related sounds


You can refine the Search Parameters in the field below the search bar

You can use the multiple drop down menus to narrow your search to find specific types of sounds as well as specify the Intensity and Complexity of the desired sound.


Now that  your pool of sounds are loaded, you can select sounds and preview them by pressing (Spacebar).

Once you’ve found the sound you were searching for, press (Return) or (Double-Click) to send the sound to the timeline.


The sound will be placed with its Sync Marker aligned to the Playhead. The field above the Search bar shows the timecode for when the sound starts and its Sync Marker. It also tells you the duration of the sound and will let you Copy the Search Parameters entered into this Magic Marker and Paste Attributes to other markers to find similar sounds.



Open Magic Marker:

If you have an existing region or maker and you wish to use the Magic Marker to add or replace the region or marker, select the region or marker and press (⌥↑).

Now you can search for a new sound to replace the existing one.


You can layer sounds by (Click-Dragging) a sound from the Search Pool to the timeline.


Replace Parameters Override:

When the Magic Marker is “Powered On” it acts as a Replace Parameters Override.

So when replacing the sound using (CMD-R), this region will ignore any settings in your Replace Tab and/or Replace Dropdown. Instead it will only replace the sound based on the parameters you have entered into the Magic Marker. This is useful is replacing several specific sounds that don’t adhere to the same replacement parameters.


You can disable the Replace Parameters Override by clicking the “Power” button.


To check if a region has Replace Parameters Override on without having to open the Magic Marker, select the region and see if its corresponding marker has a “Start” around it.

If the marker has a start, Replace Parameters Override is enabled.


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