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Edit Menu

The Edit Menu has commands related to the library and the timeline. 


  • Undo: Undoes the previous action
  • Redo: Redoes the last undone action
  • Cut: Removes the selected region.
  • Slice: Cuts the selected region at the point of the playhead.
  • Paste Attributes: Brings up a window where you can select any clip attributes you’d like to apply including gain, pitch, effects and fade data that were copied from a region. *Detailed explanation below.
  • Paste to All Empty Markers: Pastes copied regions to all empty sync markers in the timeline. 
  • Select All: Selects all selectable items in the currently selected window.
  • Select None: De-selects all selectable items in the currently selected window.

Paste Attributes 


In order to Paste attributes

  1. Select the region you want to copy the attributes from.
  2. Press ⌘C (command+C) or Edit Menu > Copy.
  3. Click on the region you would like to paste the attributes on.
  4. Press ⌥V (option+v) or Edit Menu > Paste Attributes.
  5. The attributes window will open.
  6. Select the attributes you want to apply.
  7. Click OK.