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The Library Menu has commands related to your library and sound packs within Audio Design Desk.

New Playlist (⌥⌘N): Creates a new playlist in the Library tab of the Library Window.

Add Sound Pack (⌃⌥O): Adds any ADD Sound Packs to the program. Alternatively, you can double click or drag sound packs into ADD.

Sound Pack Manager (⌃⌥⌘O): Opens the Sound Pack Manager Window.


Rebuild Library Index (⌃R): Updates all library indexes for ADD sound packs, and ADD playlists. Especially helpful when importing many of your own sounds.


Select Home Location (⌥O): Select where ADD libraries are stored and pulled from.


Import Audio (⌘I): Opens a separate window to import personal sounds and libraries. More info on this in Importing Audio


Detach Library (⌥⌘1): Detaches the Library Window from the main project window.


If you’d like to distribute and protect your sounds for other Audio Design Desk users to purchase or use, you can encrypt your sounds with an .addLibrary extension. It is recommended to make a copy of your sound library before encrypting them.

  1. Select a folder that contains all the individual audio files from your personal sound library.
  2. Add the extension “.addLibrary”.
  3. In ADD, go to (File > Library > Add Sound Pack) or press (⌃⌥O).
  4. Select the encrypted folder.
  5. The sound folder will be displayed under “Sound Packs” in your Library Window.

This WILL NOT create sync markers, elements, or metadata to index your sounds. While all of this can be edited individually within ADD, it is recommended that you use the “Audio Importer” or our separate application “ADD Tags” to add information to your sounds before they’re imported as a library.  

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