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The Library Menu has commands related to your library and sound packs within Audio Design Desk.


New Playlist:

Creates a new playlist in the Library tab of the Library Window. For more information see, Library Window.


Add Sound Pack:

Adds any ADD Sound Pack(s) that is currently downloaded onto your local or external drive into ADD.  Alternatively, you can double click or drag sound pack(s) into ADD.


Sound Pack Manager:

Opens the Sound Pack Manager Window. For more information see, Sound Pack Manager.


Stock Media:

Opens the Browse Tab Home Page where you can find your downloaded 3rd-party stock media. For more information see, The Browse Tab.


Tag or Import Audio:

Opens a ADD Tags Import Window to import personal sounds and libraries. More info on this in Import Window.


Manage Locations:

Opens the Locations Preferences Tab where you can select where ADD libraries are stored and pulled from. For more information see, Sound Packs and Folders on External Drives.


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