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emotional music construction kit

Reflections - Emotional Music Construction Kit

Audio Design Desk Team
Tuesday January 24, 2023

Introducing Reflections, our newest emotional music construction kit for Audio Design Desk. It features several hundred files, spans 3 unique musical themes and can be used again and again to create new compositions for your projects. Entirely royalty-free, these sounds are sure to make their way into countless scenes for years to come. It also showcases the vocal talents of Magdalena Rebisz, who will leave you breathless.

Create thoughtful soundscapes in a moment using Audio Design Desk’s features to trigger and place sounds in real-time. But do not overlook the power of Replace in ADD. When it comes to producing variations upon the theme you’ve already developed, we make it easy. As you move from scene-to-scene, you can build continuity easily by repurposing elements again or exploring different levels of intensity and complexity. You can even swap out instruments and adhere to the same theme. 

It doesn’t take much to extend your creativity in any direction using the diverse sound design elements included in Reflections. And once you begin to co-mingle other sounds from the ADD library, there is no end to what you can make.

Hear a small sample of our new emotional music construction kit in action!

Reflections is available now in ADD. We’d love to see and hear what you get up with this new pack. Send us a link here. And be sure to join our Slack community to share with other users, ask questions and even suggest features! We will see you there.