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Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Command / Function


Command R    Replace

Command Up / Down    Longer / Shorter Replace Region

Command Left / Right    Next Replace Region in Order

Command Return    Record

Command + / –    Zoom In / Out Horizontally

Command `    Cycle Windows

Command F    Fullscreen

Command E    Slice at Playhead

Command X    Cut Region

Command G    Group Regions

Command L    Loop On / Off

Command N    New Track

Command D    Divide Region at Markers

Command J    MTC Sync Receive

Command W    Close Detached Window

Command I    Open / Close Importer

Command 1    Open / Close Library Window

Command 2    Open / Close Video Window

Command 3    Open / Close Sound Editor

Command 4    Open / Close Triggers & Metadata Window

Command B    Bounce Project

Command O    Open Project

Command Q    Quit

Command H    Hide

Command A    Select All

Command S    Save

Command C    Copy

Command V    Paste

Command Z    Undo

Command ,    Preferences


Shift Up / Down    Region Gain Up / Down

Shift Left / Right    Pan Left / Right

Shift Return    Place Sound in Timeline from Library

Shift < / >    Nudge Left / Right

Shift D    Duplicate

Shift G    Region Effects

Shift R    Mini Library

Shift Z    Show All in Timeline

Shift L    Lock

Shift O    Show in Finder

Shift M    Freeze Selected Regions

Shift A    Align Regions

Shift T    Set Global Tempo From Region

Shift Command Up / Down    Select Previous / Next Track

Shift Command + / –    Zoom In / Out Vertically

Shift Command O    Open Video

Shift Command E    Export AAF or XML

Shift Command W    Close Video

Shift Command S    Save As

Shift Command A    Select None

Shift Command G    Remove Group

Shift Command ,    Hardware and MIDI


Option Up    Open Magic Marker

Option Left / Right    Select Previous / Next Region

Option < / >    Enable / Disable Region Fade In / Out

Option G    Place Magic Marker

Option M    Consolidate Regions to Track

Option C    Copy Region Attributes

Option V    Paste Region Attributes

Option F    Add Project to Favorites Playlist

Option A    Show selected Track Automation

Option R    Replace All

Option /    Enable Playhead Snap

Option    Return Go to End

Option Space   Play from Selection

Option Delete   Remove All Empty Tracks

Option Command R    Replace Empty Markers

Option Command T    Organize Tracks

Option Command M    Merge Tracks

Option Command V    Paste Region Attributes to All Empty Markers

Option Command A    Enable Selected Track Automation

Option Command W    Close Project

Option Command H    Hide Others

Option Command E    Export Cue Sheet

Option Command C    Copy Video URL

Option Command N    New Playlist

Option Command L    Set Loop Locators to Selection

Option Command O    Open Remote Video

Option Command 1    Detach Library Window

Option Command 2    Detach Video Window

Option Shift Up / Down    Change Region Pitch Up / Down 1 Semitone

Option Shift Left / Right    Increase Region BPM (Shorten) / Decrease (Lengthen)

Option Shift P    Return to Play Location on Stop

Option Shift A    Align Regions by Sync Marker

Option Shift S    Enable / Disable Timeline Autoscroll

Option Shift L    Lock Region to Native BPM

Option Shift Delete    Clear Region Fades

Option Shift Command C    Copy Video Audio to Timeline

Option Shift Command M    Remove All Empty Markers

Option Shift Command S    Consolidate Project


Control A    Auto Place Audio

Control T    Measure Tempo From Markers

Control R    Rebuild All Metadata Indexes

Control Q    Quantize Audio Placement

Control O    Select Home Location for Library, Settings, & Sound Packs

Control 1    Place Beat

Control 2    Place Bass

Control 3    Place Chord

Control 4    Place Line

Control 5    Place Lead

Control 6    Place Vocal

Control 7    Place Percussion

Control 8    Place Fill

Control 9    Place Music FX

Control 0    Place Stack

Control Shift A    Enable Real Time Audio

Control Shift M    Bounce Individual Regions in Place

Control Option O    Add Sound Pack

Control Option Command O    Sound Pack Manager

Control Option Command W    Open Start Up Dialog

Control Option Command N    New Project

Control Option Command C    Clean Project

Control Option Shift Left / Right    Go to Previous / Next Comment Marker

Control Option Shift A    Move Region(s) to playhead

Control Option Shift O    Add Folder

Control Option Shift Delete    Remove In / Out Locators


H    Place Hit

T    Place Transition

R    Place Rise

D    Place Drone

B    Place Bed

Q    Place Pulse

W    Place FX

P    Place Rhythmic

U    Place Pitched Single

Y    Place Pitched Other

X    Place Textural

Z    Place Full Mix Music

A    Arrow Tool

F    Fade Tool

C    Cut Tool

E    Timestretch Tool

I    Set In Locator

O    Set Out Locator

S    Solo Selection

M    Mute Selection

J / L    Rewind / Forward

V    Reverse Region

N    Place Comment Marker

G    Add Empty Marker

Left / Right    Move Playhead Left / Right by Frame

Up / Down    Move to Beginning / End of Nearest Region

< / >    Nudge 1 Frame Left / Right

`    Cycle Tools

/    Enable Grid Snap Settings

+    Record Enable Track

fn fn    Start Dictation

Space    Play

Return    Go To Beginning

Delete    Remove Region / Track

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