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Creating A New Project

Now you are ready to start building your project!


Before you start working on your project, it is always a good idea to save it in a desired location.


To save your project:

  1. Choose “File > Save” or (⌘S).  In this step, you are saving your composition for the first time, so a save dialog opens up.
  2. Name your project and select a destination for it. “Documents > ADD Projects” is a suggested option. 
  3. Click “Save”. The name of the project will be displayed on top of the project window.


5.2 Importing Video:


Audio Design Desk supports all quicktime video formats including mov, mp4, m4v, and mpg video. You can import videos from your local hard disk or from the internet using a URL link.


From Local Disk:

  1. Click on “Video > Open Video” (⇧⌘O) from the menu bar.





  1.   Right click in the video window and select “Open Video” from the menu that appears.


  1. Drag video from your hard drive into the video window in Audio Design Desk. 


After using one of these methods, select the video you wish to work on and press “Ok”.



Remote Video:

  • Go to “Video > Open Remote Video” (⌥⌘O) from the menu bar. 
  • Right Click on the project window and select Open Remote Video”.

Either of these commands will open a window where you can enter your URL. 

  • Paste the URL of the Youtube or Vimeo video that you wish to import and then click “Open”.


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