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New Project

There are a couple different ways to create a new project.

ADD Startup Window

When opening ADD you can you will see the ADD Startup Window (unless you have turned this off on opening). In this window you can click “New Project” at the top to create a new project. You can also click the “x” icon at the top left of this window to jump into an empty project.


File Menu

The other way to start a new project is to go to the Menu Bar and click “File > New Project“. The keyboard shortcut is ⌃⌥⌘N (Up+option+command+N).


We believe that it’s important to save your projects upon start and that’s why you will be asked to choose a File Name and Location to save your project every time you start a new one. If you don’t wish to save, you can click “Cancel” and a new project will be created.

Open Video in Project

If your new project is adding sound to video, you can import videos from your local hard drive or from the internet using a URL link. Audio Design Desk supports all major video formats and most others. 

You can add a Local Video by locating the video in Finder and dragging it onto the ADD Timeline or into the Video Window. Or you can right-click the Video Window and get select “Open Video” from the menu.


If you want to open a Remote Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc., right-click the Video Window and select Open Remote Video or press ⌥⌘O (Opt+CMD+O).

A Search Bar will appear at the top of the Video Window where you can paste the URL of your Remote Video. Click “OK” and your Remote Video will open.

Save Your Project

Before you start working on your project, it is always a good idea to save it to prevent any lost changes or time. To Save, go to the Menu Bar and click File > Save (⌘S) or File > Save As (⇧⌘S) if you’re duplicating a project.


If you are saving your composition for the first time, the Save Window will open and ask you to name the file and choose the desired save location. Click “Save”. The name of the project will be displayed on top of the project window.


By default, projects will save to Users > Documents > ADD > Projects unless you have changed the default location in the Locations Tab of Preferences. 

Open Project

In the same menus that you can create a new project, you can open an existing project.


ADD Startup Window

When opening ADD and seeing the ADD Startup Window, you can select and open a project in the Recent Projects section.


File Menu

If you have already passed the ADD Startup Window or closed it, you can open an existing project by going to the Menu Bar and selecting File > Open Project.


Or you can select File > Open Recent to see a chronological list of recent projects that can be opened.

Close Project

If you wish to close a project, you can go to the Menu Bar and select File > Close Project.

You will be asked if you wish to save the project or save any changes you have made to the project. Select if you wish anything to be save and the project will close.

This will then open the ADD Startup Window.