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In ADD, you can save different Versions within the same project. This is useful when creating different sonic experiences using the same video. For ADD users who utilize the “Replacement” features of the program, this will be an especially useful feature.

For example: Let’s say you’ve just finished a sound design pass for a scene but you’re not certain of the direction. Maybe the scene would play better if the sounds were more ambient in nature.


First let’s save this pass as our “Percussive” version. Go to the Timeline Toolbar and select the Versions drop down menu


Click “Save As New Version…” and you will be given a small window to name the version. Let’s name this “action”.


Now we need to create a new “Ambient” version. Go back to the Versions drop down menu and select “Save As New Version…”. This time we’ll name it “Comedy”.


Now you have two different versions of your project that you can easily flip back and forth between *without closing the project* to see which plays better or which your director prefers!

You can change versions by clicking the Versions drop down menu and selecting “Versions”.


The Version that is currently open will have a “Checkmark” next to it.

There are a few other options in the Versions drop down menu:

  • Save: Saves the current Version you are working on.
  • Rename: Allows you to edit the name of the selected version.
  • Delete: Removes selected version.
  • Delete all versions: This will remove all Versions from your project and leave you with only the sounds in your current timeline. Be very careful when using this feature.