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How to consolidate

Once your project is finished and you want to Bounce, Export, or Share your project with other ADD users, we recommend that you Consolidate your project first. Consolidating your project creates a rendered folder structure of all files in your project. So even if a fellow ADD user doesn’t have the same sound packs installed as you, or you included sounds from your personal library, they can open your project on their system with all the necessary files in place.

To Consolidate your project, go to the File Menu > Project Management > Consolidate. Or press ⌥⇧⌘S (Opt-Shift-CMD-S).


You will then need to choose a Name and Location for your Consolidated project. By default, ADD wants to save the Consolidated project in the same location as the original project folder.

*This will overwrite the original project folder as is intended

Next you can select what files you want to be Consolidated.


Click “OK” and your project is Consolidated. Now you can compress your project file and send it to any ADD user assured that they’ll open the project as created.