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  1. Create “In” and “Out” points using the ( I ) and ( O ) commands.
  2. Go to “File > Bounce” or press (⌘B).
  3. Name your composition and select a destination. The default location is the “Bounces” folder located within your project folder.
  4. Make sure that “Start”, “End”, and “Duration” match your “In” and “Out” selection or change it to whatever you prefer. 
  5. Select the Format, Sample Rate, Bit Depth, Preserve Effects Tails, and what kind of bounce you want.
  6. Click “Save”.

Export Video

Exports the video, in the format you choose from the drop-down menu. For fastest results select “same as source” in the export video drop-down. 

Export Tracks

Each individual track will be exported as a .wav file. This option will also include a .wav file of the video’s original sound.

Export Multichannel Wave

Compresses all of the tracks from your project into an individual multichannel.wav file. With this .wav file containing all tracks along with all fades, effects, and edits, you can easily import your work into another DAW and every track from your project will be displayed.  This function can only be activated along with the “Export Tracks” option.

**When no box is checked, the project will export the full composition in a single audio .wav file**

Overwrite Existing Files

Selecting this box will overwrite any files with the same name in the same location

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