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Bounce Window

When you have finished your project, Bouncing is the process of creating and exporting a stereo mix-down of your session. To Bounce your project, go to the File Menu > Bounce. Or press B (command+B) to open the Bounce Window.


The Bounce Window allows you to choose between a few different export options as well as select your preferred Audio Format, Sampling Rate, and Bit Depth.  The Bounce Window also offers several options of what you want bounced that can be selected at once.

Start/End Times

By default, ADD will bounce the entire project timeline so we recommend setting In/Out Points to prevent ADD from bouncing empty space.

Set your In/Out Points by pressing (I) and (O) on the timeline. Or you can press ⌘A, then press ⌥⌘L (alt+command+L), to set In/Out Points around the entire project. Additionally you can adjust these In/Out Points using the Start/End time slots in the Bounce Window.


You can change the Start/End time slots to be shown in Timecode or regular Time by clicking the drop down menu next to “Show”.


  • Export Audio Mix: Checking this a single stereo mix-down file of your project. This is useful when exporting a completed music composition or a draft of your audio for your editor/director.
  • Export Tracks: Each individual track will be bounced as a separate stereo mix-down. This is useful when your mixer or editor is asking for Stems of your audio such as Footsteps, Ambiences, Sound Design, etc.
  • Export Multichannel Wave: Compresses all of the tracks from your project into an individual multichannel.wav file. With this .wav file containing all tracks along with all fades, effects, and edits, you can easily import your work into another DAW and every track from your project will be displayed.  This function can only be activated along with the “Export Tracks” option.
  • Export Video: Creates a stereo mix-down of the project and exports the audio to the video. You can choose the video format from the drop-down menu. For the fastest results, select “same as source” in the export video drop-down. 
  • Overwrite Existing Files: Selecting this box will overwrite any files with the same name in the same location.

*When no box is checked, the project will Bounce the full composition in a single audio .wav file