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Underscore music

Introducing the Underscore Music Series

Audio Design Desk Team
Tuesday August 2, 2022

We’ve just introduced the first volume in our new Underscore music series, Underscore Vol 1. It’s a collection of over 90 full mix music cues designed specifically to be supportive background music for documentary projects. From gripping tension to sentimental music. From lighthearted family-friendly to dark and mysterious. This pack features a wide variety of genres, moods and intensities to provide a holistic offering to those producing documentaries or similar content.

Experience our new underscore music bringing these scenes to life!

Supportive music takes many forms and we know we’ve barely started to scratch the surface with this series. Please drop us a line here and let us know what kind of music you’d like to see added to the Audio Design Desk library. And join our public Slack community to keep up-to-date with ongoing conversations, ask questions and share what you’ve been working on.

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