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Introducing Stacks

Audio Design Desk Team
Friday April 22, 2022

Stacks are here!!! What are stacks? Great question. Let’s dive in!

Introducing Stacks

Stacks are a new way to manage and share soundscapes made up of many sounds in Audio Design Desk. Easily save, share and edit Stacks to quickly populate your timeline with a combination of sounds without having to worry about affecting the timing of each sound in relation to each other.

Introducing Stacks

Think of them like a preset. Adding a Stack to your timeline auto-magically populates it with a group of sounds configured in a specific relationship to each other. One simple example to help demystify this quickly is a procedural sequence with an everyday item like a microwave.

We’ve made a Stack with a microwave door opening, various beeps from buttons being pushed, the microwave running, some beeps letting you know it’s done and the door opening again. Instead of finding all of those sounds and getting them together in a timeline, you can simply just add the Stack instead. From there it’s easy to fine-tune timing or even swap out a sound to better match your scene.

We’re getting you started with 128 new Stacks across three of our most used sound packs. Grab this week’s free updates for the Foley, Sound Effects and Demo libraries and get started now!


Have requests for future sound packs? Tell us here. Want to hear more of our sounds and music? Check out our Soundcloud!