explainer video sounds

Explainer Video Sounds

By Gabe Cowan

We’ve just released nearly 800 explainer video sounds in a new effects collection! If your company or client has created a product or service recently, chances are an explainer video may follow. 

These videos are a product overview, with a dash of tutorial and a heaping scoop of annotation added for good measure. With plenty of bells, dings, swooshes, buttons, clicks, typing and many other popular sounds to highlight and call attention to features and important facts. Our new Explainer Video sound pack provides the royalty-free sound effects you need to make your video stand.

This comprehensive collection of sound effects are designed to work well together and allow you to easily develop your own unique sound palette. From subtle to overt. From digital to traditional. We’ve included a variety of sounds and plenty of variations in each category. This allows for easy replacement and round robins for custom triggers.


Check out some of our new explainer video sounds in action!


Here’s another small sampling of what you’ll find in this collection.

If you’re looking for similar sounds to add some flair and sizzle to your videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more, check out our Motion Graphics sound pack!

Explainer, tutorial and other business related video production accounts for much of the online content being added every day. We will revisit this series soon and would like to know what kind of sounds you want to see included. Let us know in an email. Or join our public Slack community and let us know there. We look forward to hearing from you!